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Established in the Eastern heart of Michigan, Detroit Management Consulting provides national and international business manufacturers with professional, results-driven advising, for overall enhanced business performances. 



Detroit Management Consulting is a professional firm built on our founder’s core values; cutting-edge innovation, results-oriented performance and business integrity.


With over 20 years of experience in project management, financial analysis, process improvements, revenue growth, business development and cross-cultural leadership, Jarek leads the Detroit Management Consulting team to prosperity.


We’re a consulting firm who builds trustworthy relationships with our clients because we understand that their business means everything to them, as it does to us.


We run our practices towards success and our analytical, results-oriented leader has a proven track record of assessing existing operations to isolate inefficiencies, design process improvements and increase sales growth. 


With Jarek’s cosmopolitan background, cultural experiences and business knowledge, our team at Detroit Management Consulting has what it takes to improve and enhance your current practices to match and exceed the current industry’s.